Attain WSS Global

We are Attain.

Over the past 5 years, Attain’s psychologists has been in the pursuit of designing person-job-fit assessment strategies that have a higher probability of person-job-fit predictions. We achieve this by developing bespoke assessment solutions for each of our clients. Our strategy to build assessment solutions that takes into consideration the organisation (with its unique processes, systems, culture and values), in which the role (with its unique behavioural, knowledge, skills and ability requirements) is functioning, enables us to achieve more accurate person-job-fit predictions.
We deviate strongly from generic assessment solutions, where candidates are measured against a generic set of competencies, by using generic assessment solutions. The Attain methodology stems from vast experience and research in the field of assessments. Assessment practices need consistent improvement, especially on the brink of the 4th industrial revolution. Our consulting psychologists therefore combine knowledge, experience, and industry related research to evolve current assessment practices within organisations to ensure fair, valid, and reliable assessment strategies that are ‘fit for purpose’.
Attain psychologists develop bespoke assessment suites through a standardised process, employing multiple techniques such as situational judgement, job simulation exercises (business games, discussions, reports, and presentations) and ability tests. Scores from the multiple techniques are statistically integrated to provide an indication of an individual’s overall person-job-fit or development areas.
Research has shown that there is no substitute for objectively measuring individual competence through behavioural and work simulations/work sample assessments.

Our Mission.

To develop scientifically rigorous online assessment center solutions to enhance person-job-fit.

Our Philosophy.

"When the right people are placed in the right positions at the right time, there is a much higher probability of having positive, engaged and committed employees."