Inovative Assessments

Attain’s psychologists have been in the pursuit of designing person-job-fit assessment strategies that have a higher probability of person-job-fit predictions. We achieve this by developing bespoke assessment solutions for each of our clients. Our strategy to build assessment solutions that takes into consideration the organisation, with its unique processes, systems, culture and values, in which the role is functioning, enables us to achieve more accurate person-job-fit predictions. We deviate strongly from generic assessment solutions, where candidates are measured against a generic set of competencies, by using generic assessment solutions. An Attain assessment solution or suite includes subtests that measures behaviour, ability, values, skills and knowledge. It can therefore be viewed as a comprehensive online assessment centre.

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Development Assessments

These assessments are designed to transform talent, identify potential and establish individual and group objectives relating to development needs. Development solutions are highly effective when applied during a talent management process where the need is to facilitate career progression.

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Screening Assessments

The purposes of screening assessments are to build up an accurate picture of your needs. Different professionals and agencies provide a range of services. These solutions are designed to assist organisations when screening candidates applying for a position. This usually entails screening large numbers of applicants as part of a recruitment initiative.

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Specialised Assessments

These solutions are utilized to discover talent, select new employees or identify promotion-ready candidates. Bespoke assessment suites are designed to assess candidates applying for a specific role within a specific context (organisation). A bespoke assessment suite is designed for each unique role to assess the specific behaviour that would result in effective performance.

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Skills Audits & Surveys

The Attain Skills Audit System is an automated system that enables organisations to identify the skills and knowledge that the organisation requires, as well as the skills and knowledge that the organisation currently has. The bespoke nature of the system allows organisations to measure the specific job and organisational skills needed for effective performance at every level of the organisation.