Employee Surveys

Attain develops bespoke employee surveys to measure various aspects of employees within an organisation. This may entail engagement, employee satisfaction, burnout, culture and value fit, environmental fit, etc. Attain develops each survey to the specific needs and context of the organisation.

Employee Engagement Surveys

Employee Engagement Surveys are designed to measure various facets of employee engagement, such as morale, work resources and demands, etc. that has an impact on the morale of employees.

Team Role Surveys

Organisations often conduct team role surveys to increase team productivity. Team effectiveness and efficiency depends on the contribution of each team member (e.g., skills, behaviour, attitude and preferences). The team role survey provides information and insight on each team members’ unique features.

Organisational Culture and Value Surveys

The organisational culture and value survey is designed to measure internal structures, systems, technologies, and skills/qualities that influence behaviours and expectations. The information obtained from this survey is often used to inform development interventions as part of organisational development or enhancement.