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Specialised Screening

Employability refers to the attributes of a person that make that person able to gain and maintain employment. This tool has been developed to enable organisations to select potential candidates based on their capacity to achieve success in the job market. The tool assesses ability, knowledge, skills and behavioural indicators that predicts performance within a specific context. The Attain Employability Tool is a bespoke solution that is adapted for each client to ensure that the measurement is content and context specific.

Artisan Screening Suite

(Assess2Attain – Artisan Assessment Suite©)

The artisan assessment tool has been designed to assist prospective employers to select artisans based on their knowledge, skills, abilities and behavioural fit.

Store Manager

(Assess2Attain – Store Manager Assessment Suite©)

The retail environment is probably one of the most pressurised environments to work in. Performance within this environment is measured in terms of fast pace and ambitious sales rates. Save for the pressure, customer engagements are mostly challenging. Store managers are therefore under consistent pressure and may easily experience this environment as rather negative. Finding and then retaining qualified employees, has a huge impact on the bottom line, as well as the quality of service.

Supervisory Assessment Suite

(Assess2Attain – Supervisor Assessment Suit©)

Supervision requires an entirely new set of skills that many people new to the position lack. Besides managing the behaviours and reactions of a staff, supervisors also must learn to manage personal stress. The transition from worker to supervisor is often challenging and many new supervisors find themselves working too much to compensate. Overwork potentially leads to stress, illness, mood swings and eventual burnout. Attain developed the supervisor assessment suite to enable employers to identify resilient individuals with the right skills set and attitude for their organisation.

Risk Profiler

(Assess2Attain – Risk Profiler Assessment Suite©)

In various industries safety awareness and risk orientation is a critical competency. Attain’s risk profiler is developed to assess candidate’s safety awareness.

Health Care Workers

(Assess2Attian – Health Care Worker Assessment Suite©)

Health Care Workers plays a critical role in the health and well-being of patients. The assessment suite was designed to assess emotional intelligence, empathy, social insight and many other capacities that are critical when caring for ill or aging people.