Why Choose
Volume Screening

High volume roles attract high volumes of candidates, this not only provides the challenge of managing a multitude of applicants, but also identifying and progressing the best candidates through the recruitment process. These challenges often lead to poor candidate experiences that disengages potential employees or damage your brand.

Employability Screening


Employability refers to the attributes of a person that enables that person to gain and maintain employment. This tool has been developed to enable organisations to select potential candidates based on their capacity to achieve success in the job market. The tool assesses ability, knowledge, skills and behavioural indicators that predicts performance within a specific context. The Attain2Employ© Screening Tool is a bespoke solution that is adapted for each client to ensure that the measurement is content and context specific.

Learnership Screening Suite


In the learnership context, organisations that offer learnerships is faced with major challenges to find candidates with the capacity to benefit from developmental opportunities presented as part of learnership programmes. The biggest challenge that arises is how an organisation goes about deciding who to select for their learnership opportunities, given the fact that it is a limited commodity in high demand, resulting in bulk applications and a timeous selection process. The Attian2Learn© Screening Solution is developed as a screening tool, utilised during the recruitment process of potential learners for a learnership programme. The aim of this tool is to measure a candidate’s person learnership fit, ultimately presenting the organisation with a higher probability of placement success.

Call Centre Screening Tool

(Screen2Attain - Call Centre©)

Call centre agents - who generally fall into the age groups 20 to 34 years, only stay with an organisation for about one year – this results in call centre organisations experiencing a high level of staff turnover and often attrition. Attain developed the Call Centre Screening Tool to enable employers to identify resilient individuals with the right skills set and attitude for their call centre. Each call centre tool is adapted to the specific call centre environment, i.e. inbound or outbound; sales or service; etc.

Intern Screening Tool

(Screen2Attain - Intern©)

Interns are appointed in organisations for the duration of their internship programme. As a result, organisations may have the need to assess interns on a regular basis. Attain developed the Intern Screening Tool to enable employers to identify interns with high potential that will fit into the organisational context.

Cleaner and Housekeeping Screening Tool

(Clean2Attain – Cleaner and Housekeeping©)

Cleaning and Housekeeping personnel plays a key role within many organisations such as hotels, airports, corporate environments and factories. This tool was developed to screen applicants with the right skills and behavioural profile for placement.